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A cataract is a yellowing of the natural lens in the eye. It is not a growth. It is usually a gradual process in which the lens becomes less clear and harder to see through. The lens, when unclear, is unable to focus light the way it should. Often light is scattered and images become unclear.

Cataract Surgery

Most people have questions about Cataract Surgery. We discuss cataract eye surgery specifics and answers to frequently asked questions about the eye surgery (the way we do it).

Astigmatism Correction During Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that leads to blurred vision. For those with significant astigmatism, fixing it at the time of cataract surgery can mean better vision and less glasses dependence afterwards.

Flomax and Cataract Surgery

Flomax® is an oral medicine usually used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (or enlarged prostate) that many older men have. The drug helps them have more normal urination function. The drug is a class called alpha-1 blockers.

Cataract Surgery with Crystalens and Trulign.

Crystalens now comes with astigmatism correction (called Trulign) at no added charge at The Eye Clinic of Florida. Now patients can have their cataract, distance vision, astigmatism and need for bifocals treated all with one procedure.

Tampa Lasik Laser Vision Surgery Correction

The goal of LASIK and PRK is to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, by improving your unaided visual acuity. After laser vision correction surgery, the majority of patients are able to function without glasses or contact lenses.

Near Vision CK

Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is a non-laser way to treat farsightedness and presbyopia. It strengthens the power of the cornea without laser and without treating the line of sight. It has been available since 2003.

Eye Lid Surgery

This cosmetic eye lid surgery can be done in the office or an outpatient surgery center. Some light sedation either by pills or an IV is given along with a local anesthetic. After the surgery bruising and swelling usually lasts one to two weeks.


Floaters are caused by capacities in the vitreous jelly that cast a shadow over the retina. The eye is filled with this jelly called the vitreous. The vitreous is clear and fills the eye. As we get older, it shrinks just like older jello might shrink in a bowl it’s made in. In the eye, it pulls away from the sides of the eye.

Blepharitis — Eye Lid Problems

Some of the most common eye lid problems are inflammatory and allergic. The most common problem we see is chronic blepharitis. In this condition the eye lid oil glands produce a thick oil that disturbs the tear film and causes the lids to swell and be sticky.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Treatment

Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss for those under age 70. Sadly, most of the vision loss is preventable with proper Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and good long-term sugar control, as measured by Hbg A1c less than 6.5.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye is a very common and frustrating problem. Using the correct lubricant to keep your eyes from getting dry, as opposed to treating only when they feel dry, is crucial for proper dry eye treatment.

Lumenis Optima IPL

If you are coping with dry, itchy eyes, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans suffer from skin and eyelid inflammation that instigates painful ocular conditions like dry eye. Eye drops might provide a temporary solution, but it’s unrealistic to rely on a “bandaid solution” for the rest of your life.

Eye Allergies

True Eye Allergy is easy to diagnose. The most bothersome complaint from the patient will be itching, itching, and itching. The lids, most commonly, on the nose side, will itch and often swell. The swelling can even cause the skin to crack and swell even more.


Glaucoma is a family of diseases that damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the nerve that connects the eye and the brain.

Wet & Dry Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is the most common cause of vision loss over age 70. In my experience, unrecognized and/or un-treated Macular Degeneration are the most common reasons someone gets a second opinion with me.

Corneal Disease Treatment

There are many reasons why the normal, clear cornea may become cloudy or not focus light correctly to the back of the eye. This is the most common reason to need a cornea transplant.


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