Four Reasons to Consider Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery may seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, you have likely been wearing contacts or eyeglasses for most of your life. Why change it now? There are actually some very good reasons to stop delaying and truly consider Lasik eye surgery.

Improved Vision

Glasses and contacts are helpful, but they don’t resolve the problem entirely. Your vision may still be somewhat restricted by your poor eyesight. For example, peripheral vision often suffers in eyeglass wearers because the corrective lens doesn’t wrap all the way around the eye. With Lasik eye surgery, you will experience improved vision without correction, which will allow you to see much more detail and more conveniently than before.

Active Lifestyle

Having contacts or eyeglasses can really cramp your style. If you have been wanting to become more active, your vision could be a hindrance. Playing sports while wearing glasses can be dangerous and expensive if an accident happens. Spending a lot of time outdoors with contacts can cause debris to get into your eyes and cause you to have to stop what you are doing to clean your contacts. Lasik solves both of these issues so that you can conveniently have a more active lifestyle.

Save Money

While there is an initial investment with Lasik eye surgery, it will save you a lot of money in the future. Although you should still get annual eye exams in case your vision changes or eye problems occur, you won’t be buying glasses or contacts every year after you get Lasik. Glasses and contacts can cost a substantial amount of money, and they always have to be renewed and replaced. After you get Lasik, it will pay for itself within three years when compared to your savings on contacts and eyeglasses.

If you are interested in learning more about Lasik eye surgery and how it can help you, contact us today for more information. We can schedule an exam and determine if you are a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery.

Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

Board Certified Ophthalmologist at The Eye Clinic of Florida
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Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

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