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Crystalens now comes with Astigmatism Correction!

It is called Trulign. Save $500 or more when you call us first. Give your eyes the chance to see their best in one step! 

Tampa cataract patients can save on "laser" and "testing" that others charge. Our premium lens patients do not pay more for astigmatism correction!


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Q. What is so special about Crystalens™? How does it help me see better after Cataract Surgery?

A. For those wanting to see in the distance, up close, and everything in the middle, nothing compares to Crystalens™ in our opinion. Crystalens™ is a replacement for the cataractous human lens or a mis-powered human lens. Crystalens™ lens implants move and focus at different distances similar to the way the human natural lens works......

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Save $300 on Cataract Surgery!


Save $1000 on Crystalens Surgery!


Many Eye Clinics charge for testing not covered by insurance. We beat their prices every day. Many of those "tests" are free for our cataract surgery patients.


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