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Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Logo (PRNewsFoto/Imprimis Pharmaceuticals)
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Logo (PRNewsFoto/Imprimis Pharmaceuticals)

Nobody actually enjoys enduring IV sedation, but it’s often a necessary evil when undergoing a potentially painful surgery. Until recently, IV sedation was unavoidable during cataract surgery, and this led many patients to suffer from a dangerous cycle of anxiety and stress before the procedure. The Eye Clinic of Florida is changing all of that by becoming one of the very first centers in the country to use a brand new sublingual product that provides effective conscious sedation without the use of an IV!

A Brief Introduction to Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can be identified as the yellowing of the natural lens in the eye. This discoloration occurs gradually over time and ultimately results in a blurry eye lens that makes clear vision impossible. Though cataract surgery is not necessary for any health reasons, many patients choose to receive cataract surgery to repair blurry vision and once again see the world in all of its vivid detail.

At The Eye Clinic of Florida, cataract surgery is very quick, and patients are in and out in 90 to 120 minutes. Using new sedation techniques and advanced technology, Dr. Mahootchi removes the clouded natural lens called the cataract and replaces it with Crystalens, an artificial lens that restores clear vision by mimicking the eye’s natural ability to focus on distance, middle, and near objects.

The Brand New MKO Melt from Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

Utilizing the new MKO Melt for conscious sedation is another first for The Eye Clinic of Florida’s cataract surgery in Tampa Bay. Now patients can enjoy painless, anxiety-free cataract surgery without the need for any IV.

The MKO Melt from Imprimis Pharmaceuticals actually looks and tastes just like a small piece of candy. By placing it under the tongue before surgery, patients become calm and relaxed long before entering the operating room. They remain fully aware of their surroundings, but simply feel at-ease and ready for the cataract surgery.

MKO Melts offer consistent and predictable dosing, so administration is considerably quicker and easier than an IV. Patients and staff alike are able to enjoy a more positive cataract surgery experience without the need for additional time and staff to administer the IV. Better yet, the drops are far more affordable than any IV!

“Before, people often described our surgery as the best happy hour they’ve ever had. They were awake but didn’t care. When the surgery was completed, our patients were leaving awake and alert in 10 minutes.” says Dr. Mahootchi of The Eye Clinic of Florida. “Other products used under the tongue simply took too long to work. Now, with the MKO Melt, patients avoid the IV and are able to enjoy the same calm happiness while getting in and out of surgery much quicker.”

Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

Board Certified Ophthalmologist at The Eye Clinic of Florida
Dr. Mahootchi is a board certified Ophthalmologist and the Medical Director of the Clinic.

A Tampa Tribune reader’s poll has ranked him as Pasco’s Best Eye Surgeon for the last 3 years. has recognized him as one of America’s Most Compassionate Doctors for 9 years in a row (2009-2017). He again won the Patient’s Choice Award for the 9th year in row this year. Both awards are given to less than 3% of doctors and based on patient voting. Dr. Mahootchi was in the top 1% in 2017.
Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

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