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How does the lens implant stay in place after cataract surgery

This video answers a frequently asked question about cataract surgery. Some of the major steps of modern cataract surgery are shown with implantation of standard, toric and crystalens implants. Dr. Mahootchi, performs and discusses the surgery done below.


Laser Treatment for Narrow Angle Glaucoma – Part 1

Laser treatment to prevent narrow angle from progressing to acute angle closure glaucoma from Dr. Mahootchi. The risk of getting narrow angles is increased when you are farsighted.. Not the risks of the procedure. Narrow angles occur usually in smaller eyes (which tend to be farsighted). It’s actually quite rare to get narrow angle glaucoma if you are nearsighted.


Laser Peripheral Iriditotomy to Prevent Glaucoma Part 2

Part two of a video showing Narrow Angles and it’s treatment with Yag and Argon Lasers.

Yag Laser Treatment of Lens Capsule Clouding after Cataract Surgery

Short Version of Yag Laser Treatment of Capsule Opacity or “after cataract”


Laser Treatment of Anterior and Posterior Capsule Opacity and Contraction after Cataract Surgery.

Videos of the treatment with special cases, acrylic lenses, toric lenses, and Crystalens are shown.


Diabetes and the Eye – Part One

Part one of a presentation to the Florida Hospital Diabetes Support Group by Dr. Ahad Mahootchi


Diabetes and the Eye – Part Two

Part two of a presentation to the Florida Hospital Diabetes Support Group by Dr. Ahad Mahootchi​



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